Something real, something vulnerable, something that makes you feel something!

The theme for the very first issue in December 2020 was 'Something real, something vulnerable, something that makes you feel something!'

It is not easy to ask people to write about what makes them feel real and vulnerable. And for sure it is not easy to write about stuff like that. We never expected to get such a deep, diverse, and most complete first issue. But see for yourself.


The present

You must live in the present as you cannont change the past and do not know what the future holds. What happens when you take exception of this?

by an anonymous writer, 'The present', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 1

What is 家 (Jia)

In China 家 has a fundamental place in everyone's heart. No matter how far a person goes, and no matter how much he or she appreciates the beauty of other places, home and family will always be the most loved ones.

Xinyu Jiang, 'What is 家 (Jia)', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 2

Why farmers don't want what's good for them

'Long live soldier, long live farmer!' - However, things are different today.

Sudarshan, 'Why farmers don't want what's good for them', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 3

Bing the beagle

Here is a story of a beagle!

Tania, 'Bing the beagle' aknownspace, 2020, 1, 4

Thinking about computers again

We rely on them, more and more and more. They bring joy and they work for us. Until they don't anymore.

Chloe, 'Thinking about computers again', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 5

Мой первый друг (My first friend)

This is a story about friendship and an inexplicable feeling of comfort.

Oleg, 'Мой первый друг (My first friend), aknownspace, 2020, 1, 6


Isn't it nice that there is change?

Christina, 'Reset', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 7

Adventurous stories from the mole and its best friend

'My dear friends, it looks like we are at the start of a great adventure!'

Juju, 'Adventurous stories from the mole and its best friend', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 8

Pirates and the golden bear loot

There once existed two menacing pirates near a bay, seeking refuge in the greenery in Berkeley...

by an anonymous writer, 'pirates and the golden bear look', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 9

Stubborn like glitter

What is the best age to live? When was the last time you were happy with yourself, what you know, where you go? A story about muse and creation.

Let us go then, you and I. When the evening is spread out against the sky. Like a patient etherized upon a table; Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets, the muttering retreats of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels and sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells: Streets that follow like a tedious argument of insidious intent to lead you to an overwhelming question ... Oh, do not ask, “What is it?” Let us go and make our visit.

Ipshita Kumar, 'Stubborn like glitter', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 10

Cōgitātiōnēs (Throughts)

I reach the faucet handles with my toes and in ten short rotations, I turn the water stream off. The bathroom is now a strangely quiet place. As I slowly sink into the warm depths of the bathtube, with eyes closed, all my senses start to shutting themselves from the noise of the outside world.

Priyanka, 'Cōgitātiōnēs (Throughts)', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 11

Le bruit des vagues (The sound of waves)

Lower than me, always lower than me – I turn my eyes down to see it; I have to, for it is always down there on the ground as one of the features of the ground, one of its variants – fresh, shiny, transparent and amorphous, its only defect is that it is not weightless. Lower, always lower, this vice it satisfies with obstinacy and by all means available: undermining, corroding, permeating, and filtering through. This vice that works its way from the inside out, does not only affect the surroundings, but erodes the element itself – and while reaching for a new low, it humbly grovels on its belly like a monk of a mendicant order, or refusing to assume any form, disintegrates like a cadaver. Insane! For sure, we all obey the law of gravity. Take this armoire, how hard-headedly it would follow the same need, if it were not properly balanced: were it not nailed to the floor, then regardless of damage, I believe, it would rather throw itself to the ground; but to some extent it plays with gravity and defies it, for it doesn’t just disintegrate into a heap of wood, it resists and maintains its personality and form; whereas liquid by definition does not. So, the influence this vice has on water is without any measure, for it can render it rapid or stagnant, fierce or absolutely amorphous, amorphous and fierce, fierce and terebrating, cunning, undermining and filtering through to such a degree that we can do with it whatever we want, taking it through the pipes and making it shoot vertically, disintegrating into drops of rain. Oh, it makes a perfect slave!

Antoine Wojdyla, 'Le bruit des vagues (The sound of waves)', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 12


Plants have their own senses. Some of these can be compared to all five human senses. In addition to those, plants have some 15 other senses that are unique to the vegetal world. For example, they can “sense gravity and magnetic fields and recognise and measure numerous chemical gradients in the air or in the ground”

Gabriele, 'theLeafIsNotDeaf', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 13

অনন্তহীন অপেক্ষা (An endless wait)

Barna had a strange feeling since this morning. She could not shake the strange dream from last night from her head. She also felt a headache approaching. She sat herself down with a cup of hot tea and the daily newspaper.

Vani, 'অনন্তহীন অপেক্ষা (An endless wait)', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 14

वो शाम कभी (A wishful evening)

Sometimes fate is like a sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change directions but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn’t something that blew in from far away, something that has nothing to do with you. This storm is you. Something inside of you. Kafka on the Shore

Ritika Gupta, 'वो शाम कभी (A wishful evening)', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 15


A common situation occurring in a number of disciplines is that in which a number of autonomous agents reach a consensus without a central direction. An example of this is the emergence of a common belief in a price system when activity takes place in a given market. Another example is the emergence of common languages in primitive societies, or the dawn of vowel systems. Yet a third example is the way in which populations of animals move together (referred as “schooling”, “flocking”, or “herding” depending on the considered animals).

Sam Nolen, 'Forgetfulness', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 16

Sin nombre (Unnamed)

It's dark, cold and you're far away... 🌃🌘

kahlcyfer_ph, 'Sin nombre (Unnamed)', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 17

Hier und Jetzt (Here and Now)

How does humanity behave in the face of the great challenges of our time?

But we call those forest walkers, who have become isolated and homeless by the great process and finally see themselves delivered to destruction. This could be the fate of many, even of all - so there must be added a destiny. This lies in the fact that the forest walker is determined to offer resistance and to fight the, perhaps hopeless, fight. Thus, the forest walker is the one who possesses an original relationship to freedom, which, seen temporally, expresses itself in the fact that he resists automatism, that he resists automatism and does not intend to draw its ethical consequence, fatalism. Ernst Jünger

Lucas Kreuzer, 'Hier und Jetzt (Here and Now)', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 18

For Mom

Ohnana means family, it means noone gets forgotten or left behind!

Chen, 'For Mom', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 19

Faith's foundation

For a year or more she'd known that something wasn't right, an intuition that arrived before all else...

Jonathan Lane, 'Faith's foundation', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 20