.Bing the beagle

by Tania, who makes forests and rain.

Here is a story of a beagle
Came short and stumped and true
Little did he know of life
And little did he do

He was a laboratory specimen
Once upon a time
Though he forgot most of it somehow
Almost all the time

There was a catch to it though
Something sad and forlorn
He could never look anyone in the eye
For reasons I do not know

We thought it was too much shampoo
Tried and tested on him
And he’d lost some faith in mankind
Maybe that’s where we came in

We picked him up and scrubbed him
From the shivers he’d picked up
Teaching him how to be a dog
And run and play and hop

There was something in his eye
Something you would notice
A spark you just couldn’t ignite
With all the tools of mankind

He grew warmer by the minute
Looking for more cuddles everyday
And soon for even a few seconds
He couldn’t stand being away

Sometimes if you close your eyes
You may just see him hop
Almost like a goat kid
Dancing for reasons naught

Now, I promised I’d write this poem
Just before he left
But I hadn’t the strength nor the chance
To get him out of bed

So, I can just say this:

He was a merry dog
In a merry life
But all I remember of the end is
He looked me in the eye
And said a thousand words.

Tania, 'Bing the beagle', aknownspace, 2020, 1, 4

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