The ecological crisis and the social justice movement

'The ecological crisis and the social justice movement' became the theme for the January 2021 issue.

While the theme focuses more on a specific subject, it is again open to personal interpretation.


Not big enough

If the pandemic taught us but one thing, it's that global events are not adequately handled by governments. The politicians that comprise them think too locally, too provincially, can only see until the next PR event. Full of hot air and empty promises, they waste precious time with meaningless words. The pandemic rages on, mutating, crossing imaginary borders as if they were nothing.

Spider, 'Not big enough', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 1

About story telling

How are humans shaping the debate of climate change?

Everything we believe in is based on fictional constructs - be it culture, religion, money, or enterprises. There exist real things like animals, trees, and rivers, but their future is determined by the interests and actions of powerful social constructs like those of governments or corporations. Story-telling is an ancient form of communication which has allowed generations to pass on knowledge and allows one to experiment with shared beliefs in order to co-operate. The success of initiatives or movements is contingent on the underlying story which stirs emotions inside those who learn of the story. So, what is the story of climate change and who tells it?

Lucas Kreuzer, 'About story telling', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 2

A cooped-up coup

For the love of basil on pizza and pasta, a friend decided to plant her own this year.

Ipshita, 'A cooped-up coup', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 3

Forests ablaze

"Wildfires are a natural component in many terrestrial ecosystems and often play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity, particularly in the fire-prone regions of Australia. A prime example of plants that are able to persist in these regions is the genus Banksia. Most Banksia species that occur in fire-prone regions produce woody seed pods (follicles), which open during or soon after fire to release seeds into the post-fire environment. For population persistence, many Banksia species depend on recruitment from these canopy-stored seeds. Therefore, it is critical that their seeds are protected from heat and rapid oxidation during fire. Here, we show how different species of Banksia protect their seeds inside follicles while simultaneously opening up when experiencing fire." (taken from J. C. Huss et al., Front. Plant Sci., 2019, 2, DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2019.00283)

Nico, 'Forest ablaze' aknownspace, 2020, 2, 4

Blue skies in Beijing & shivering people of the northern land

To suppress the air pollution in Beijing, the Chinese government has started a new campaign by banning the right of people in the northern lands to burn coal.

by an anonymous writer, 'Blue skies in Beijing & shivering people of the northern land', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 5

Love in the times of Delhi winters

The air quality of various localities in Delhi has remained at 'very poor' levels on Wednesday. And this phase doesn't seem likely to end soon, given that forecasts are showing similar conditions for the rest of the week.

Tanya, 'Love in the times of Delhi winters', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 6

Spelling a-n-x-i-e-t-y

This text is in no way is supposed to be a comprehensive update on global climate developments. Frankly, it is overwhelming to digest the enormity of the situation as an individual and the problem becomes intangible on the overarching anthropological and ecological scale.

by an anonymous writer, 'Spelling a-n-x-i-e-t-y', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 7

Lovely crawlies

'Dear little silverfish in my tub...'

Chloe, 'Lovely crawlies', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 8

Sense and responsibility

“Hi, so what do you do?”.

Christina, 'Sense and responsibility', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 9

No time for gambling

“We have spent two billion dollars on the greatest scientific gamble in history - and won.”

Harry S. Truman, 06.08.1945

Lukas, 'No time for gambling', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 10

Universitas negotium

Lat.: universitas, “university, world, whole, universe”

Lat.: negotium, “business, matter, task, affair, work, trouble”

Christina, 'Universitas negotium', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 11

The apocalypse

Sunken islands. We are living on sunken islands.

Alexandra Naughton, 'The apocalypse', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 12

Krise ist immer auch chance (Crisis is always also chance)

Crisis is always also an opportunity - this insight provides room for maneuver. When it is clear that things cannot go on like this, thoughts start to move.

Susa Karr, 'Krise ist immer auch chance (crisis is always also chance)', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 13

Thoughts on climate justice

“The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world.”

Joanny Macy, Environmental Activist and Scholar of Buddhism

Katharina Mau, 'Thoughts on climate justice', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 14

Re creation

grape vine

Tendrils spread by curling around branches, small trees, and other stems. Vines may be long-lived, stout, reach into upper canopy of trees. Vines probably become established when trees are young.

by an anonymous writer, 'Re creation', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 15

Earth medicine

A piece of art, compassion, and creativity that envisions to provide a positive voice of hope in society.

Erica Lotus, 'Earth medicine', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 16

Spinoza & matter waves

I live alone

by an anonymous writer, 'Spinoza & matter waves', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 17