.Re creation

by an anonymous writer.

Grape vine

They have killed the tree
My gentle friend’s heart is stirred
They have razed the roots
And replaced the space and life of organisms
With energy-efficient lighting and electric cars
The tree must have had a patient relationship
Shared many wisps of thoughts with my dear friend
He who flutters like a little bird
He who stares at you like a bee
His rapid heart beating
As he stares outta the window
Through the boughs and branches and flowers and the whirls in the breeze,
He encounters the 'Egg', a reactor, atop which crows perch
Crows remember faces
Elephants remember kindness
Birds sing stories
Trees write them in their bones
Earth stratifies deeds
Kindness is a tsunami
One of cosmic magnitude
Redistributing the sum total of its waves
Kindness imbues power
Imagination, secrets
Indistinguishable from magic
He stares at his notebook
Rolls a cigarette
Stares at you and says something out of the TUMblue
He purses his lips onto a cushion and inhales a mixture which he holds in with a thought
As the nicotine kicks into his bloodstream
He exhales the smoke
And runs his fingers through his hair
Picks up an instrument
And sings his heart out
And laughs with a glint in his eye
They have killed the tree
But not the earth’s ability
To move a little seed
And convert it to life
With the help of warmth and water, light and air
Life begets life
Light begets light
You need a thought
You need understanding
You need to love to be loved
You need to set love free and choose you
Love is a shy plant,
With powers old and sacred
Entrusted with a single condition
Put it to good use, share freely the fruits of your deed
For then it grows, multiplies and wins over all
Through love and laughter, harmony and knowledge
Extend through tendrils of understanding, trust and amnesty
Extending the elixir to undo the past
And grow larger than before, equal and connected
Look, do you see where the core of this energy-efficiency lies?

Anonymous writer, 're creation', aknownspace, 2020, 2, 15

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